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Projekt Vytvorenie Komunitného centra pre pracovnú a vedomostnú mobilitu v Nitre je podporený z programu ACF – Slovakia, ktorý je financovaný z Finančného mechanizmu EHP 2014-2021. Správcom programu je Nadácia Ekopolis v partnerstve s Nadáciou otvorenej spoločnosti Bratislava a Karpatskou  nadáciou. Projekt je kofinancovaný z dotácie mesta Nitra. 

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Nitra Community Foundation

The mission of the Nitra Community Foundation (NKN) is to improve the quality of life in the city of Nitra and the Nitra region through philanthropy and volunteerism. NKN provides grants to active residents and organizations to implement projects from various fields with a high share of voluntary work. The NKN is a stable partner for those who want to strategically support their city and region. It encourages the emergence of informal collaborative networks of organizations and individuals who care about where they live and are willing to solve local problems. NKN members believe that mutual help in a community creates a better place to live. The Foundation coordinates the project Establishment of the Community Center for Work and Knowledge Mobility in Nitra and creative, inclusive, leisure and voluntary programs for foreigners in our city.


City of Nitra

Nitra is one of the oldest cities in Slovakia. It is currently one of the fastest developing industrial cities in Slovakia, mainly due to large investments in the automotive industry. These investments create new jobs that employers cannot fill with Slovak labor force alone. Because of this, companies in Nitra currently employ a large number of foreign workers. There are also two universities in Nitra, where a growing number of students from third country nationals and EU nationals and EU Member States study full-time. The city is also the main partner of the Nitra Community Foundation, an organization that works on the Establishment of the Community Center for Work and Knowledge Mobility in Nitra.


Ekopolis Foundation

This foundation is one of the oldest and most stable Slovak foundations. For 28 years, it has been supporting projects aimed at democratizing civil society and environmental sustainability, as well as activities of non-governmental, non-profit organizations throughout Slovakia. The Foundation actively helps by drawing people and organizations together in the fields of sustainable development to protect natural and cultural heritage. It supports the building of civil society. Together with partners, it solves problems, addresses new topics, generates bold ideas, and inspires positive social changes. The vision of the Ekopolis Foundation is a country in which people are aware of their responsibility to the state, to the development of the environment in which they live, and to the quality of life of future generations.  The Ekopolis Foundation is the main donor of the project Establishment of the Community Center for Work and Knowledge Mobility in Nitra.


OZ Pokoj a Dobro – pomoc utečencom (Peace and Good – Assistance
for Refugees)

The association and its staff have rich knowledge and practical experience in the areas of migration, integration, and overall inclusion of foreigners in Slovakia. Between 2016 and 2019, it successfully implemented a project to integrate the community of Iraqi refugees in and around Nitra. This association wishes to apply their human approach and expertise in providing contact center services.

The civic association’s vision is to create optimal conditions for all those who want to integrate into society and become full members of Slovakia.

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Mgr. Viera Orichová, lawyer

Since 2009, she is currently a practicing lawyer specializing in immigration as well issues related to the integration of foreigners in Slovakia. She has worked as a legal advisor and consultant in several Slovak NGOs and in the International Organization for Migration. She is currently a practicing lawyer specializing in foreign law and asylum.  

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Rotary Club Nitra

Rotary Club Nitra is one of two Rotary Clubs in Nitra. Since 1995, it has been implementing projects that help meet the needs of city citizens and make life easier for people affected by serious diseases. The Club is significantly involved in international youth exchange programs and supports the Nitrava Scouts. Rotary Club Nitra proposed the idea of establishing the center and is currently dedicated to raising funds for its activities.


The International Organization for Migration (IOM) Bratislava – IOM Migration Information Center (MIC)

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) is a leading intergovernmental organization that provides services, counseling, and assistance to governments and migrants. It was founded in 1951 to help displaced people, refugees, and migrants in Europe. It has been operating in Slovakia since 1996. Its main areas of activity include: assisted voluntary returns, integration of migrants, prevention of trafficking and assistance to trafficked persons, refugee resettlement activities and coordination of European Migration Network activities. The MIC is an advisory center of the International Organization for Migration (IOM), which since 2006 has been providing services to foreigners during their integration in Slovakia. MIC is the first information center in Slovakia that provides legal, social, and employment counseling, education, labor market inclusion, and support for foreigners’ community life in one place. IOM-MIC provides important informational documents and forms necessary for the stay and social inclusion of foreigners in the Slovak Republic for their free use within the project activities.

Jazykové kurzy pre cudzincov


Víziou Mareeny je Slovensko, ktoré je bezpečným a dôstojným domovom pre všetkých bez ohľadu na národnosť, etnickú a náboženskú príslušnosť. V Mareene veria, že súdržnú a akceptujúcu spoločnosť budujeme všetci spoločne, a preto sa snažia poskytnúť príležitosti pre aktívne začlenenie sa cudzincov do slovenskej spoločnosti, podporujú miestnu komunitu Slovákov a cudzincov v nadväzovaní vzťahov a zvyšujú povedomie verejnosti o témach rozmanitosti, migrácie a integrácie. Mareena asistuje cudzincom pri integračnom procese prostredníctvom dobrovoľníckeho programu, vzdelávacích a komunitných aktivít.

V rámci projektu realizuje Mareena kurzy slovenského jazyka pre cudzincov.



EURAXESS – Researchers in Motion is a unique pan-European initiative of the European Commission, currently involving 42 countries through more than 600 EURAXESS centers. In Slovakia, EURAXESS centers have been operating within SAIA, n. o. since 2004. EURAXESS provides access to a wide range of information and services for PhD students, university teachers, researchers and their family members. It provides information on funding and supporting research mobility, the practical aspects of living and working in the countries involved, and provides tools and tips for the career development of researchers. EURAXESS services are provided free of charge to researchers and research organisations.


Information Office for Crime Victims in Nitra

The COMIN project opens up new opportunities for networking and cooperation of all organizations and individuals who would like to help with integration of foreigners in Nitra. Another new partner of
the cooperating platform is the Information Office for Crime Victims in Nitra. The benefit of this cooperation is the possibility to expand the services provided by First Contact Point for foreigners (COMIN) not only through counseling and exchange of information, but also by participating in handling a wide range of problems, which requires a systemic service for victims of crime.  Crime Victims Information Office