Projekt Vytvorenie Komunitného centra pre pracovnú a vedomostnú mobilitu v Nitre je podporený z programu ACF – Slovakia, ktorý je financovaný z Finančného mechanizmu EHP 2014-2021. Správcom programu je Nadácia Ekopolis v partnerstve s Nadáciou otvorenej spoločnosti Bratislava a Karpatskou  nadáciou. Projekt je kofinancovaný z dotácie mesta Nitra. 


About Us


We are a center that supports the social inclusion of foreigners from foreigners coming from third countries and Europan Union and citizens of EU Member States who have been granted temporary or permanent residence in Nitra, within the Slovak Republic. We help citizens and foreigners to overcome barriers and achieve coexistence. Our goal is to promote coexistence and reduce negative sentiment towards foreigners in the community. We provide services  within the First Contact Point to both foreigners and citizens of Nitra. We offer social and legal counseling to foreigners, assistance in crisis situations, and low-threshold language education for foreigners requiring intercultural orientation. We also provide leisure and voluntary programs for social inclusion.


The project Establishment of the Community Center for Work and Knowledge Mobility in Nitra is supported by the ACF – Slovakia program, which is financed from the EEA Financial Mechanism 2014-2021. The program is administered by the Ekopolis Foundation in partnership with the Open Society Foundation Bratislava and the Carpathian Foundation. 


We are here to help foreigners that now call Nitra their second home, as well as citizens who seek information or guidance on problems related to migrants living in Nitra.



Ľubica Lachká - koordinátorka projektu

Ľubica Lachká

Koordinátorka projektu COMIN

Eva Vargová - kooridnátorka voľnočasových a dobrovoľníckych programov

Eva Vargová

Coordinator of the inclusive programs for leisure time and volunteering work


Ivona Fraňová

Coordinator of strategic planning

Nikoleta Kováčová - PR manažérka projektu

Nikoleta Kováčová

PR manager

Viera Orichová - advokátka - konzultantka právneho poradenstva

Viera Orichová

Lawyer and Legal Adviser